Our Technologies


Project EMRYS Gets Underway

Archethought has created a solution for big data problems called EMRYS that allows for rapid consumption, processing, and organization of large, varied data sets. EMRYS is an auto-scaling, self healing data analysis system. It rapidly learns correlations, classifications, patterns, and comparisons found in these large data sets which is then organized to inform business and human decisions. It is optimized to function for "internet of things" and "smart infrastructure" applications where chaotic data points are constantly being gathered and used to create, monitor, and manage large organic complex systems.

Smart Infrastructure & IoT

Working with the Community to Create Revolutionary Solutions

Smart Infrastructure is about creating sustainable communities, social heath, better farming & water conservation practices along with healthy economies. Using the Internet of Things like beacons and sensors we can collect large amounts of data that allow us to monitor, change, and develop better ways of living. IoT can be designed for large projects as well as small.

What We Do

Innovation Forums

Archethought and the City of Longmont have created the Innovation Forum as a way to engage with and understand a rapidly changing technology landscape.

Tech Meetups

Archethought hosts, sponsors, and helps organize numerous meetups related to startups, data, and music in Longmont. We would love to see you at the next one!

Brown Bags

Both internally and externally, we hold bring-your-own-lunch and laptop "brown bag" sessions that teach participants something new in bite-sized chunks.

Our Team

The Archethought team has a wide variety of skill sets and diciplines from backend development, frontend design, to circuit and sensor implementation. We look to cultivate a team environment that is fun and engaging with the opportunity to learn new things and explore new technologies.


Archethought engages in community volunteerism at a High School Library, FIRST Robotics club and through civic engagement, startups, the arts and makerspaces. We volunteer over 1,000 hours per year, a proud accomplishment we are happy to continue.


Besides the work we do for our clients and services, Archethought also nurtures experimentation and learning. We are always looking for new startup ideas, technologies to explore and things to inspire us.