Who We Are

Our team has over 50 years of deep technical, managerial and operational experience defining and implementing technology solutions. We have worked with businesses, NGOs and educational institutions large and small, from computer factory floors and world class simulation systems to world class NGOs seeking solutions to today's toughest policy problems. Together with an international team of open source experts, we are capable of engagement in a wide variety of disciplines.

What We Do

Archethought LLC provides open technology consulting services for small and medium business, government, NGO and educational institutions. By combining focused thinking and open source, Archethought helps customers reduce cost and risk in difficult projects with lean resources. We inform and guide your key technology acquisitions, including customizing and deploying strategically important systems. Our team can work from CXO-level strategy down to code and delivery.

Our team are delivering private and hybrid cloud systems for leading institutions in Education, Health and Finance, where control of data and close management of workflows are critical success factors or subject to regulatory compliance.

As active mentors, we are helping startups deliver first products to customers in consumer, industrial and web based areas.