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SmartVenue Urban Noise Monitoring

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Solution Summary

SmartVenue™ solves urban noise problems by providing a cost-effective, easy to deploy noise monitoring system. Using affordable IoT scale components integrated with sophisticated software and cloud based processing systems, SmartVenue™ makes near real-time noise reporting accessible to venues, and smaller cities with limited budgets and expertise, seeking to reduce and avoid the costs of noise complaints, while improving overall quality of living in urban settings.

When event producers, sound engineers, residents and public safety officials can all see accurate noise information, emotional dynamics become real, productive conversations towards lasting solutions.


How can our cities identify and solve noise issues among residents and events? What noise levels are affecting our city and where do they originate? When do most noise complaints happen and where?

  • Existing solutions don’t provide information to all affected parties 

  • When noise complaints are reported, it’s difficult to obtain actual data 

  • Too many resources are used to address complaints that often recur without resolution


Archethought SmartVenue™ Technology provides a mobile or permanent installation to monitor noise levels.

  • Sensors are simple, low cost, and easy to deploy 

  • Calibrated Class 2 monitors are used, with yearly calibration 

  • Data is posted in near real-time to a Web app, providing a reference for all affected parties 

  • Data is stored permanently, providing future evidence to analyze full urban noise patterns

Smarter cities need better urban monitoring, for better decisions. 

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