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SmartVenue™ whats that?

Darren Elven
on 10/13/18, 9:20 PM 338 views

What exactly is SmartVenue™ and how is it used, and for what?


Darren Elven

--Darren Elven--
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Longmont, United States
--Darren Elven--

Co-Founder, Executive Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer of Archethought.

I am an evangelist for helping our communities overcome urban noise pollution, a cultivator of entertaining conversations among communities with their music and entertainment venues to overcome noise complaints, a thought leader in smart city technology and innovation space, and a person who loves helping communities to defend their cultural tones against rapid urbanization.   

I am an innovative technology leader with multi-industry experience spanning local startups through to global brands such as Disney and Crocs. A mentor and advisor with a passion for being a lifelong learner. As a technologist, I hold an advanced degree in AI and IT. My career includes being a co-founder, and founding software engineer, CIO/CTO and Chief Strategy Officer. My focuses tend to be on technology, strategy, marketing and growth opportunities.

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Darren Elven
On 10/13/18, 9:34 PM

SmartVenue™ is a Sound Level Monitoring solution comprised of IoT class sound level monitors deployed in the urban environment to capture sound pressure levels. These pressure level signals are relayed to the cloud, and relayed to downstream consuming applications, such as the SmartVenue™ analysis and visualization tools.


Different urban applications exist for SmartVenue™ the most common of which today involves noise conflict centered around urban music and entertainment venues. For example when friction occurs between a music venue or festival and the local community, invariably a noise complaint arises. Upon a noise complaint the local municipality will dispatch enforcement officials to investigate and re-mediate.

Noise complaints are highly subjective, and remediation is not always readily available, leading to escalating noise complaints, frustration, and costs.

SmartVenue™ allows for near real time sound level readings to be captured and passed along to everyone in the conversation, the event producer, sound engineer, enforcement officer, and resident effectively engaging everyone in the dialog at the moment of time they need to. 

We have seen this approach disrupt the urban noise conflict dynamic, allow for self regulation, and change behaviors of all those involved making for quieter entertaining communities that defend, and support their music and entertainment venues.

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