Sound Intel (Volume II)

Recent Observations

Are we loosing too much?

We live in a vibrant world, a world of pulsating energy that stimulates microscopic hair cells deep within our ears. This unseen energy can have a profound effect upon our mood, our learning, even our health. We can experience this energy as a pleasant melody, a lecture in school, or ever increasingly today as an irritating noise. The new second-hand smoke - noise pollution - is a by-product of rapid urbanization, and an increasingly mechanized world.

Sound constantly effects us, and is always around us, yet we seem to let it fade into the background of our lives unnoticed. At Archethought we listen constantly, we seek to hear and learn how sounds are impacting our communities in ways not previously understood. Our journey today is focused upon noise complaints that impact our communities in multiple ways, more specifically - music and entertainment cultures and communities.  

Around the world music communities are facing a devastating impact due to noise complaints. Once vibrant music and entertainment districts are being consumed by new developments giving rise to greater noise complaints, litigation, fines, and loss of permits. Fortunately this trend is not going unnoticed and communities are banding together to overcome these challenges and create new ways, policies, and action plans to defend their music and entertainment cultures. 

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