SmartVenue™ in Action - Longmont Oktoberfest 2018

Supporting Left Hand Brewing Foundation

Odoo CMS - a big picture

A few final sound checks

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

SmartVenue™ sound levels in near real time

Supporting our community

We are proud to be able to support our community, and the Left Hand Brewing Foundation at this years Longmont Oktoberfest. Despite inclement weather predictions, we were there to listen, learn, and share with our community in near real time what sound levels were being produced at Roosevelt Park during Longmont's annual Oktoberfest.

We are proud to be working with organizations such as the Left Hand Brewing Foundation, who produces multiple music and entertainment festivals throughout the year for charitable causes. We are also excited to be able to work with the local community around these events and show in near real time what sound levels are around these events.

As entertainment events and music festivals become more prominent in close proximity to our community residential areas, friction around sound levels arise. It has become extremely common everywhere to see conflict occur between events such as Longmont Oktoberfest, our local communities, event produces, enforcement officials and sound engineers over sound levels.

Disrupting this conflict dynamic is what SmartVenue™ is great at!

SmartVenue™ delivers the function and capability to change noise conflict at these events into entertaining conversations and collaborations among all those involved in the conflict. It helps communities support and defend their music and entertainment venues, establishes good neighborly behavior among event produces, and helps our communities avoid costs associated with urban noise conflict resolution.