SmartVenue™ in Action - Austin City Limits 2018

ACL Music Fest 2018

The Stage is Set!

SmartVenue™ listens at Austin City Limits 2018

Archethought and the City of Austin have have teamed up at this years Austin City Limits (ACL) 2018 Music Festival.

In an effort to understand how sound from live music events such as ACL held each year at Zilker Park propagates through and beyond the park into neighboring communities, the City of Austin Economic Development Department Music and Entertainment Division has partnered with Archethought to use SmartVenue™ at this years ACL Music Festival.

SmartVenue™ sound level monitors deployed at multiple backstage areas around the festival capture sound pressure level data, relay and store that data in the cloud giving near real time sound level data access to sound engineers, event producers, code enforcement officials, and community members.

Initially the partnership is intended to afford the Music and Entertainment Division a new level of insight upon sound level data augmenting existing tools in use today. Ultimately through joint efforts between Archethought and the Music and Entertainment Division new intelligence applications will be delivered and introduced to the community, today they are being defined and developed using sound level data captured through SmartVenue sound monitors at such events such as ACL.

Further efforts are in the works to take SmartVenue™ beyond ACL and Zilker Park and into Austin's vibrant music and entertainment districts. 

We believe solutions such as SmartVenue™ enable innovative cities such as the City of Austin to disrupt the noise conflict dynamic, and help communities gain a new level of intelligence and understanding into their entertainment cultures by making sound level data available and transparent to all in the conversation.

This years ACL lineup includes world class artists Sir. Paul McCartney, Metallica, Odezsa, and more.

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